Plan of beneficence and contributory

All the time, scriptures in Tibetan of " Dege Sutra-Printing House " have been all recognized by people of Tibetan and liked with their high-quality, the authoritativeness and uniqueness that the traditional craft is made, Temple, religious believers of Tibetan area demand very much heavy scriptures to whom " Dege Sutra-Printing House " print have every year.

Because the printing-blocks collected in Dege Sutra-Printing House is the ancient cutting blocks for printing mostly, as time is accumulating constantly, it will cause certain wearing and tearing to the printing-blocks to print once, in order to carry on effective protection to the ancient printing-blocks, studied repeatedly and proved, we determines on the basis of original printing-blocks, duplicate and carve one set and cut blocks for printing newly again, thus the better one protects the ancient printing-blocks. In the future, the scriptures of Dege Sutra-Printing House will be printed and sold to serve to alleviate this contradiction by way of carving the printing-blocks to print newly.

However, this is a very arduous and huge plan, need a large number of manpower and material resources input. The fund of the our House is very limited, need to raise the beneficent fund in many ways, hope to get the generous donation of each side personage.

Through calculating, every funds needed by a block of making are RMB150, you can donate one to block, can donate 10 too, even 100, you yourself decide how much is the quantity. Every point of kind fund of you, we will allocate a fund for its specified purpose, will guarantee to be all used for cutting blocks for printing strictly, in order to help you to walk this philanthropic act accumulates the immeasurable charitable and pious deeds.

We will announce " plan of cut printing-blocks in year " in this website at the beginning every year, will welcome everyone to inquire about and understand!